Be warned of incidents, before they even happen

Perimeter protection now starts outside your premises

Your business security system is great for alerting you once a break-in has occurred. Your CCTV can be invaluable when it comes to gathering evidence…but what if you could use your technology to get early warning of perimeter breaches, and potentially, stop incidents before they even happen?

SECOM External Virtual Guard detects events at the perimeter of your premises, before a criminal has the chance to break in. The event is recorded and sent to the operator, giving a clear and immediate understanding of what caused the activation, enabling them to do their job faster with a much higher level of certainty. This allows for crucial time savings in evaluating the incident and deciding what escalation is required.

Reduce existing costs


Quick install

Incredibly fast

  • Fast response times – our operators are able to assess the situation instantly, issue voice warnings, and escalate
  • Our highly trained operators can send the footage directly to you instantly, allowing you the option to discard or dispatch
  • Our state-of-the-art sensors and visual verification reduce the chances of false alarms, so you’re only alerted when it matters

Once an intruder is detected at the perimeter of your premises by our external motion detectors, footage is captured by on-site, monitored CCTV cameras. Our highly trained operators then assess the video footage, to get a clear understanding of what caused the activation, and can issue a live voice challenge.

Our team then work with you to decide the appropriate route of action.

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